Seven Floors

Like any photographer, I asked myself how to tell the story of the health management crisis that was coming. In order to convey the generalized anguish on a population scale, I decided that day after day I would metaphorically reconstruct the buildings where we were confined… See the work.

Wacky Races

A flag falls. Surrounded by the howling of engines, the vapors of gasoline, clouds of dust and attentive look of the public… cars dash. On the track, the sheet steel is torn apart, shocks destroy, the mud erases the team colors. See the work.

After Oluja

Through the last century, Belgrade (Serbia’s capital city) was bombed on several occasions, for the last time in 1999. After World War II, Tito, the Yugoslav Wars, Slobodan Milošević, the city is slowly coming back to life. The Oluja Operation was the last big battle of the Croatian War of Independence, wich was followed by a mass-exodus of Serbs from Croatia. See the work.

Maybe it will be the end of suffering

Syrians were oppressed, Palestinians were not welcomed, Kurdish were persecuted. With the war that goes on since 2011, they had to choose between surviving under the bombs in liberated area, living with the threat of Assad’s security forces in regime controlled provinces, suffer the cruelty of radical groups… See the work.

Outside Syria, outside camps

Since the beginning of the Syrian revolution in march 2011, the Syrian people have had flee the fights, the poverty, the radical groups, etc. Some stay in Syria, others manage to reach bordering countries. In Turkey, refugee camps are full, the conditions there are relatively good, but a part of the refugees remain outside the camps. See the work.


It’s the most populated slum in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, one of the biggest in Africa. Life conditions are tough: overpopulation, no running water nor electricity in most of the shack, insalubrity, low school enrolment, criminality, short life expectancy… See the work.

Nationale 7

The road, the blue road, the holiday road… the Nationale 7. It was the longest road in France : 996km (620 miles) from Notre-Dame in Paris to the French/Italian border in Menton passing through the Fontainebleau forest, Moulins, Lyon, Avignon, Nice… Since the highway, railroad and airplane networks became more and more common, the road has been left alone. See the work.

Loïc & Cécile

In 2008, Loïc left Paris for Mali. Dropped in Segou, he stays at his step mother’s home. Four years later, a home sweet home and some adventures, he married Cecile. He is planning to live there despite the difficulties, inherent or transient. On this opportunity, his family went to see him. It was the occasion to see Loïc again, to met Cecile and Segou for the first time for some, again for others. See the work.